Team Building North East

Looking for team building North East? Our team building programmes are all facilitated onsite and can integrate conferencing facilities and accommodation at our very own  Beamish Hall Hotel. For more information on our team building activities call 01207 233 733.

With a vast array of tasks available ranging from the adrenaline fuelled, aerial activities to indoor problem solving exercises, we design and deliver effective, fun and people focused events.

Team Building Days North East

All our programmes are bespoke and always built around your requirements so whether you require a two-day residential or just a short breakout session, we will be more than happy to work with you and fit in around your existing arrangements.

With just a 20 min drive to Newcastle, Durham or Sunderland we are ideally located as a base for your north east team building event and you are guaranteed access to award winning facilities and service.

We look forward to hearing from you and working together on achieving your team goals.


Here is a flavour of the Corporate Team Building Activities Available at Beamish Wild


Tree Top Adventure Course

Set in the Treetops of our ancient woodland, our High Ropes Course is  2 hours of non-stop fun and challenges guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping. We’ve packed your day out in the treetops with 4 zip-wires, rope bridges, swinging tires and you will be finishing off with the awesome Powerfan free-fall experience!


Team Problem Solving

Teams must accumulate maximum points by performing a series of activities better than their rivals. The tasks are challenging rather than physically demanding and can range from the exhilarating through to tasks that require patience and dexterity.  Brute force is rarely an option.  They are all achievable in the allotted time but a common understanding of the problem, a well thought out plan of action, clear communication and full team participation are all essential if they are to be completed successfully.


Brewery Tours & Tasting Session

Our very own Stables Brewing Co produces 6 magnificent Ales all year  round and this will be your  golden opportunity to learn some our secrets. Better still, you will also get the chance to sample some the fresh creations of our Master Brewer. Your taste buds will be spoilt for choice with a wide range of tastes and textures ranging from the sublimely easy drinking Silver Buckles IPA to the chocolate-rich, full bodied Bell Tower.



Step up to the plate and after some careful tuition, you will be able to master this awesome activity. That’s right! Apache style, throw your Tomahawk and hit the mark every time under the guidance of our professional instructors. Unleash your sporting prowess on the target, feel better for your efforts and go for gold at the same time.



Become a regular Robin Hood and try your hand at this ancient sport. You might surprise yourself…



Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-  enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS    coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden  at that location or take part in an activity.


Adrenaline Challenges

Two exhilarating tasks from our range of inspiring aerial activities create a  real challenge.

The crate stack – work together, from level to level, as you stay atop of the crates.  How high dare you go?  Leap of Faith – Get your team up a 12 metre pole and then have faith in your team members as you leap over the abyss to  reach the ball.


Jacobs Ladder

Use all your physical ability to scale the swinging Jacob’s ladder. Teamwork and motivation are essential during this element as each ‘step’ on the ladder is increasingly further to reach than the one before. 


Woodland Survival 

In a survival situation the first thing you can do is to build yourself a shelter. This is your best defence against the elements. We will show you how to construct your own and see who would survive in the great outdoors.

18:25 27 Nov 17
Very good experience. Winter isn'tt a good time but it was an amzing experience
Rita Carter
Rita Carter
17:27 26 Nov 17
£19 to get in but in the year you can go back as many times as you want. With nothing to pay as long as you keep your ticket
The Pickled Gamer
The Pickled Gamer
15:37 23 Aug 17
Amazing pub as well as high ropes, adventure park and lots more
Judith Green
Judith Green
16:12 04 Jul 17
Took my granddaughter to this hotel for her school prom it's a beautiful hotel in a fantastic setting
Andrew Illingworth
Andrew Illingworth
20:47 17 Jun 17
The high ropes course is fantastic and well worth the money. I will defiantly do This again.
Faye Elizabeth Johnston
Faye Elizabeth Johnston
17:29 01 May 17
High rope course is great fun and the staff are so lovely and helpful.
Rolling Log 77
Rolling Log 77
15:03 02 Sep 16
It was fun
Katie Amos
Katie Amos
20:47 11 May 16
The archery classes were great
Mark Slavin
Mark Slavin
17:30 10 Apr 16
Even in a relativity large group everyone had something to do in each activity.
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