Planning the perfect Hen Party in Newcastle

Hen Party Ideas Newcastle with Beamish Wild

Planning the perfect hen party in Newcastle all starts with the venue and the theme. Get that right and you’ll ensure you and your friends have the best time on the day & night.

Forget Hen Night – How to Plan the Perfect Day Activity

When it comes to hen parties, they are no longer a solely night time celebration, in fact more and more hens are emerging in the day and often stretching festivities out over a weekend or week. However, whilst a night on the town requires very little thought, planning a day time activity that every single hen can enjoy calls for plenty of preparation. As a leading provider of unique hen and stag party packages, Beamish Wild have seen hens from across the UK spread their celebrations over the day and night. But what things must you consider to ensure your day time activity is just as good, if not better, than a night on the tiles?

Save the date

Whilst the majority of people’s work commitments leave them free during the evenings, ensuring everyone you want to invite can make the date is important. Give your fellow hens plenty of notice so that they can make the necessary arrangements and enjoy your company throughout the day and into the night.

An activity that suits all

By opting for a day and night time activity you can satisfy the needs of every invitee, after all not everyone is a party animal. Depending on your choice of activity, day time celebrations ensure people of all ages and interests can join in the fun, and for many more hens, a day activity provides the ideal opportunity to share a brand new experience together. For thrill seekers, a treetop adventure course is the perfect way to spend the day. Not only will it push every hen out of their comfort zone but with prices starting from just £35 you can try some a little different whilst staying bang on budget. Our high ropes hen party packages involve more than just swinging through the trees. Our gold package mixes adventure with pure luxury and indulgence, while those wanting to carry on the party can with stag and hen night destination Newcastle-upon-Tyne on our doorstep.

Remember – the bride knows best

The fun of every hen do is surprising your bride-to-be but it’s up to the maid of honour and her fellow bridesmaids to ensure that every surprise is a good one. Let your bride have the final say on the important aspects of your day activity to ensure that the experience you choose is right up her street. If you want everything to remain under-wraps then be sneaky in your questioning by comparing other hen parties that you may have attended together. The same theory applies to your guests too, particularly if you are catering to all age groups. Plan an activity that your bride and her hens will love to avoid disappointment but remember you can’t and won’t satisfy everyone!

Go eclectic

Hen parties should be a day to remember so whatever you choose, try to be as creative as possible to ensure it gets remembered for all the right reasons. A varied itinerary is sure to entertain so try something different.

If you have the honour of planning your best friends hen party in Newcastle speak to us today and we’ll make sure it’s a day you never forget.

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